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Asian cuisine, as part of an ancient culture, has a unique tradition very much of its own. Developed over thousands of years, these special flavors from the various region and countries, recipes from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malay Archipelago, South Asia, Central Asia, differ in their distinct character and flavor.

We have a vast collection of recipes originated from kitchens in different parts of Asia. Some are so traditional that it came from some mothers' kitchens of different countries, or even from different tribes or clans.

Each recipe in this website is illustrated and explained very clearly.  All the ingredients are also easily obtainable. Even beginners are able to savor some of the best in Asian cuisine.  Just Browse through our web site here and you will find numerous authentic Asian recipes and also lots of our simple and easy to cook, economical and traditional home recipes to add to your choice for free.

Join us to explore the vast and unique culture of Asian cooking. Do it for your family the old fashion way or give your friends a treat that they find it hard to forget. Surf on and and follow our cooking guide to discover the truly Asian ways of cooking.

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Hakka Recipes

Traditional Hakka Cuisine

The Hakka tradition is well reflected in their food, which emphasizes its original flavors, nutritional value and practicality rather than just its appearance.....more Hakka recipes

Seafood recipes


Seafood Recipes

Seafood is popular among Asian dishes because of its universal appeal. Eating seafood is healthy as it is rich in protein and other vitamins and is low in fats and calories. There are  many ways to cook seafood and also there are many choice of ingredients. Fish and prawns, crabs and oysters all have their own unique character and can be prepared and present in many ways. Enjoy more of our seafood recipes here.

Nyonya recipes

Nyonya Corner

Nyonya food is a mix of cultures and taste buds among various ethnic groups in Malaya Peninsular particularly between the Chinese and Malays and partly of Portuguese influence. These aromatic, delicious dishes are usually tempered with balance flavors of sour, spicy, salty and sweetness which need better illustrated Nyonya recipes guide in replications.

Soup recipes

Soup Recipes

Soups are indispensable in Asian cuisine especially for the Chinese. They believed that soups are not only good for health but also one of the dietary ways to enhance vitality and beauty. See our many simple and easy to cook soup recipes and enjoy cooking.


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